Soldier Statue

These soldier statues are made of cast aluminum. They are a great addition to a Veterans’ Memorial or Veteran’s home. Many Veterans create their own personal memorial in their yard. These soldier statues are 6 feet tall and come in a bronze finish. They are suitable for the outdoors and can be bolted to a concrete slab. Because these soldier statues are made of cast aluminum, they are light weight and maintenance free. They are a fraction of the cost of bronzer soldier statues. Currently, all the soldier statues come in the same pose as pictured.


*Coming Soon*

Kneeling Soldier Statue & Fallen Soldier Cross Statue










The kneeling soldier statues and fallen soldier battlefield cross statues are made the same way as the standing soldier statues. Each soldier is made of cast aluminum with a bronze finish. The kneeling soldier is holding a folded American flag in his hands.


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