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Viking Log Furniture offers the largest selection of rustic futons and ottomans. The Northern Exposure and Wilderness log futon are made of massive six inch diameter logs. These two are perfect for your log cabin or lake home. In contrast, the Barnwood futon frame is made from rough sawn pine timbers. This frame is available in three colors: honey pine, dark, and weathered grey. The contemporary Stockton futon is a pine futon with two different insert options. Finally, our newest creation is the Sawtooth Hickory futon. This frame mixes rough sawn pine timbers with hickory accent logs to give it a unique design.

All our rustic futons are front operating for ease of use and are made at our facility in Minnesota. They also come with a lifetime warranty, because they are built using screws that are also reinforced with glue. Each frame is extremely durable and long-lasting. Lastly, the available sizes are queen, full, loveseat, and chair.


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Viking Log Furniture manufactures wood products of a very high quality. We maintain the highest possible quality control standards and use only the highest grades of raw materials. This ensures that the finished product is of the highest quality possible. This allows us to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our products.

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