Red Cedar Log Pool Table

Red Cedar Log Pool Table

The Red Cedar log pool table mirrors the Ponderosa except it is constructed of aromatic red cedar.  Each piece is hand hewn using a drawknife to scallop the edges for a rustic pool table look.  The deep reds and whites of the cedar, along with the knots, truely display the rustic character of this log pool table.  Matching Red Cedar log cue racks are also available.  You must see this rustic billiard table to truly appreciate its beauty!

Patent #D528,621


  • Meets all Billiard Congress of America specifications
  • 14 ply main beams and 7 ply side beams make up the inner structure of the body
  • Assembled uni-body which has the top machined to .005"
  • Top plate on the uni-body for slate backing and attaching cloth
  • 3-piece, 1" inch thick Brazilian slate
  • Chocolate brown, fringed pockets
  • Championship Tour Edition K66 cushions
  • Over 20 different cloth colors available
  • Requires a professional installer to set the table up

Pool Table Measurements

Table Size
 7 Foot
 8 Foot
 9 Foot
Play Area
 39" X 78" 44" X 88" 50" X 100"
Outside Dimensions
 52" X 91" 57" X 101" 63" X 113"
Room Size
 12'9" X 16' 13'2" X 16'10" 13'8" X 17'10"

Pool Table Fabric Choices

Color levels change from computer to computer so the actual fabric color may vary slightly from the color shown. Northwoods Billiards is not responsible for variations in the final product.


Spotting Points

Pine Tree Spotting Point

Our signature pine tree spotting points are cut from black walnut.  The spotting points are machined by a computerized router into the top rail to give each log pool table a rustic look.