Vienna Futon

The Vienna futon is designed with a soft look and feel with the rounded sleigh cap on the top of the wood futon arm. It’s a pine futon that can be almost any style futon frame that you could want. The Vienna futon is one of our most contemporary pieces we have to offer. This quality futon frame is designed so that you can change the futon arm style by changing the insert panel in each arm. The options are the mission style or the pine tree cut outs. The Vienna futon arms and spreaders are constructed of Ponderosa pine. The back and seat sections are constructed of Norway pine, that are screwed and glued together, not stapled. This futon frame is front operated and has a very sturdy front and back spreader. These construction features allow us to place a lifetime warranty on all our rustic futon frames. This rustic futon comes with a mattress and futon cover, or we can sell the futon frame individually.

Futon Ottomans

The loveseat futons and chair futons have the option of adding an ottoman. These are available in the barnwood, sawtooth hickory, and log styles. The ottomans are designed to be a place to rest your feet. When the futon is in the down position, the ottoman will provide extra space for laying or sleeping on.

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Additional information

Available Sizes

Queen – 91.5"L x 36"D x 35"H, Full – 86.5"L x 36"D x 32"H, Loveseat – 66.5"L x 36"D x 32"H, Chair – 40.5"L x 36"D x 32"H

Available Colors

Clear, Honey Pine

Available Inserts

Mission, Pine Tree

Futon Cover

Gone Fishing, From the Woods, Oakley, Birch Bark, Bradley, Buckshot, Burlap, Cabela, Emmett, Fairbanks, Fargo, Grand Lake, North Shore, Outdoorsman, Parks and Rec, Peters Cabin, Pine Lodge, Redstone

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