Rustic Cue Racks

The pine log, klondike log or barnwood cue racks will go with any lodge, rustic or western pool table.  In the pine log, klondike and barnwood there are corner cue racks, standard floor cue racks, framed wall, and 2 piece wall cue racks available.  We also carry matching floor and corner cue racks in the Red Cedar and Ironwood style. All of our corner and standard floor cue racks have four drink holders with cork insert, ball storage, chalk storage and storage for up to six cue sticks. If any of these cue racks don't fit your needs, a custom cue rack can be made just for you.

Log Floor Cue Rack
Pine Log - Floor

Klondike Log Floor Cue Rack
Klondike - Floor

Barnwood Floor Cue Rack
Barnwood - Floor

Red Cedar Log Floor Cue Rack
Red Cedar - Floor

Log Corner Cue Rack
Pine Log - Corner

Klondike Log Corner Cue Rack
Klondike - Corner

Barnwood Corner Cue Rack
Barnwood - Corner

Red Cedar Log Corner Cue Rack
Red Cedar - Corner

Log Wall Framed Cue Rack
Pine Log - Framed

Klondike Framed Cue Rack
Klondike - Framed

Barnwood Framed Cue Rack
Barnwood - Framed

Wall Cue Rack
Pine Log - 2 Piece

Klondike 2 Piece Cue Rack
Klondike - 2 Piece

Barnwood wall cue rack 2 piece
Barnwood - 2 Piece