Northland Birch Log Futon

Northland Birch Log Futon

The Northland Birch futon was created by mother nature herself. The birch bark logs make this futon all natural. This gives you a true sense of it's natural beauty by bringing the outdoors in! Special care is taken in harvesting each and every piece of birch log to ensure its the right size and right quality. The arms and front spreader use mortise and tenon construction, which gives it character and ensures maximum strength. The back and seat sections of the futon frame are screwed and glued together, not stapled. This allows us to put a Lifetime Warranty on the birch futon frame. All of our birch futon frames are front operated for ease of opening and closing. The birch futon has a limited availability, as the birch logs can only be harvested in the winter when the sap is down in the tree, so don’t wait to order yours!


   Length  Depth  Height
 Queen  90"  36"  35"
 Full  85"  36"  32"
 Loveseat  64"  36"  32"
 Chair  39 1/2"  36"  32"

Clear Lacquer Finish is recommended to Accent the Natural Beauty of the Birch Logs

Futon Cover Options

All futon mattresses are available in the color of black only.  Rustic futon covers are available, but fabric selections change from day to day.  Below are the fabrics that we have available.  Fabrics shown on the futon frames are probably no longer available.  Please call us for availability.


$69 Full Size, Tier 1 Futon Covers

Gone Fishing Futon Cover
Gone Fishing
From the Woods Futon Cover
From the Woods
Oakley Futon Cover


$169 Full Size, Tier 2 Futon Covers

available in 7-10 business days

Balsam Lake Futon Cover
Balsam Laken
Big Sky Futon Cover
Big Sky
Bradley Futon Cover
Buckshot Futon Cover
Cabela Futon Cover
Fairbanks Futon Cover
Fargo Futon Cover
Field and Stream Futon Cover
Field and Stream
Galaxy Camo Futon Cover
Galaxy Camo
Loon Lake Futon Cover
Loon Lake
Ottawa Futon Cover
Outback Bark Futon Cover
Outback Bark
Peters Cabin Futon Cover
Peters Cabin
Treehouse Futon Cover
Yosemite Futon Cover