rustic log picture frames

Rustic Log Picture Frames

The log picture frames have that lodge look and are rustic enough to be used almost anywhere in your log cabin or lodge setting. The log picture frames are constructed out of either skip peeled logs, where some of the cambium or bark is left on the log, or clean peeled logs, where a drawknife is used to hand scallop the logs. All the log picture frames are constructed using mortise and tenon joints which gives the picture frame additional character. All the log picture frames come with glass but no matting or prints. The prints shown here are just an example of what the log picture frames would look like. Because of all the different sizes of prints, a custom picture frame can be made to your specifications. Glass size or print size is all the information needed to custom make the log picture frame. The picture frames are designed to hang on the wall with a cable which is provided.


Special Order Any Size Log Picture Frame


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