Log Farm Style Table with Half Log Bench

Log Farm Style Dining Tables

The log farm style table is a spectacular centerpiece for any rustic dining room.  These tables are built from rustic pine logs.  The table tops are constructed by gluing pieces of 1.5 inch ponderosa pine together.  The table legs are made from three inch pine logs and are strategically placed at the outside corners of the table to allow chairs to be pushed completely under the table when not being used.  These tables are sturdy, and are finished with a catalyzed lacquer to protect them.  Farm style tables can be made any size, but are typically used for smaller tables.  These tables are available in both the honey pine and clear lacquer finish. Matching Log Chairs, Upholstered Log Dining Chairs, and Upholstered Log Benches are also available. 


 Rustic Dining Table Dimensions

Our standard size log dining tables are

Height Width Length
30" 42" 60"
30" 42" 72"
30" 42" 84"

Custom size dining tables are also available.

Log Dining Chair Options


 Honey Pine    Clear