Hickory Table

Hickory Log Trestle Dining Table

Our hickory log dining table will stand out in any room.  Each raw hickory log is sanded smooth to the touch, yet appears rough with a rustic appeal.  The top of this Hickory Dining Table is sure to catch anyone’s attention with the natural tones of hickory wood.  The edges of the rustic table top are trimmed with 1 ½” deep and ½” thick pieces of hickory log.  The legs of this rustic table are constructed out of 3-4” solid hickory logs that are mortise and tendoned together.  The trestle style base allows chairs and benches to push completely under the table when not in use.  Each table is finished with a clear catalyzed lacquer but for extra durability we can also use a liquid glass finish.


Rustic Dining Table Dimensions

Our standard size hickory dining tables are

Height Width Length
30" 42" 60"
30" 42" 72"
30" 42" 84"

Custom size dining tables are also available.

Hickory Dining Chair Options