Barnwood Futon Bunk Closed

Barnwood Futon Bunk Bed

The barnwood twin/futon bunk bed is one of our most versatile rustic bunk beds.  This rustic barnwood bunk bed offers both seating and sleeping surfaces on the bottom bunk.  It can be up as a couch (futon) and seat up to 3 people or down as a bed and sleep up to two adults.  This bunk is solid!  The corner posts are built from four inch by four inch rough sawn pine timbers.  Ladders are incorporated into each end of the bunk for ease of getting into and out of the top bunk.  This bunk is available in one size only as shown, but is available in both the dark and honey pine finish.  The barnwood twin/futon bunk bed is made from rough sawn pine timbers to replicate the barnwood look at an affordable price.

Barnwood Close up DK.jpg


Barnwood Close up HP.jpg

Barnwood Close up Weathered.jpg

Bunk Bed Dimensions

   Length  Width  Height
Futon Up 85" 46" 74"
Futon Down 85" 54" 74"